Riga Chess Club

Ground Arangements

RCC is small, private and agile organisation, free from usual red tape requirements often imposed on players and tournament organizers. Hence we can produce faster, tailor made solutions for chess events. Being part of local chess life and having good connections in hospitality industry guarantees that we will deliver optimum services for Riga guests. We are interested in the success of the events and quality of services as much as our guests to Riga.

RCC is set up with a view to promote connections among chess players & clubs worldwide. Although our primary aim is to bring players to Riga, the opposite process is happening simultaneously. Our members and residents play locally and abroad at various tournaments. Please look into media section for updated news.

Our Ground Arrangements include
– transfers, meet & greet services
– accommodation & venue search
– chess equipment supply
– supply of assistants and arbiters of various level
– media kit (photographers, audio video equipment)
– multilingual chess commentators
– post event services (feedback, articles, visual proof)
– organisation of social side of events

The list can be continued but the main idea is that whatever the requirements of our guests, RCC will try to accommodate them. Some of the Ground Arrangements may be carried out by our partner company – “Travel 2 Riga ” ltd.