Riga Chess Club




“Good positions don’t win games, good moves do.”
Gerald Abrahams

If your business is calling for a checkmate…


This inbound travel agency to the city suports the chess club with advice, special rates for hospitality services and products, as well as media coverage and presentation of the club abroad.  


Our Chess Club is grateful to the Victory Pub for letting part of premises to chess enthusiasts. Pub being located in the center of Old Town is ideal venue for locals and visitors.

There is small but comfortable room at the far end of the pub with playing kits for dozens of players.  Small library is mostly in Russian but one can catch owner of place or local chess master there to assist you or have a friendly game with you.

Monday to Wednesday are best times to play, whilst weekends get crowdier, louder but can still be enjoyable if you can work against “resistance” ! It’s challenging but we often try …


IM Vladimir Sveshnikov supported by his father, the famous GM Jevgeney Sveshnikov started to popularize alternative chess variation. It is easier to play & no theoretical preparation is needed. We frequently house dice chess tournaments in our club.